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      Come live a magical and relaxing experience on Lake Sartigan, in the heart of the Quebec forest!

      $ 34 (tx inc.) To discover the all-new Quintessence Nocturne Course - a brand new exclusive experience at NRJ Nordic Spa:

      Enjoy spas, saunas in the traditional hydrotherapy circuit! In addition to enjoying a multimedia water show in the facilities of the NRJ Nordic Spa while relaxing!

      With a scenography of lighting, water effects and video projections, NRJ Nordique Spa invites you to dive into the imaginary and poetic world of QuintEssence, a universe inspired by the elements of nature!

      The duration of the circuit is 1h30. Allow 2 hours for the entire experience of the reception at departure.

      Journey in five steps! Go in search of the mysterious fifth element in a journey where the theater is in spas, saunas and outdoor and indoor relaxation areas.

      Departures are scheduled every 15 minutes, every Friday and Saturday from 17h.

      1 towel
      1 bottle of water
      1 locker for 2 people
      Snack and coffee included!



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    • Maximum of 4 coupons on purchase for personal use and 2 coupons to give as a gift
    • 1 coupon per person, per visit
    • The offer starts on February 8, 2019 / Ends on July 20, 2019
    • Valid every Friday and Saturday night, starting at 5 pm (variable time depending on ticketing and sunset)
    • Reservation required at any time at (418) 774-4440 (limited places) / Cancellation required 24 hours in advance (or the coupon will lose any value) / The management reserves the right to deny access to the site to anyone who does not have a reservation
    • Please submit the printed version of this coupon / No electronic coupon will be accepted Please note that sandals and jerseys are required / A $ 5 fee will apply will be charged for a rental of sandals if you do not have yours / Possibility to rent a bathrobe for $ 7
    • Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion
    • No cash value / Not cumulative
    • Once the offer expires e, the coupon keeps its nominal value. ($ 39)



    Enjoy spas, saunas in the traditional hydrotherapy circuit! In addition to enjoying a multimedia water show in the facilities of the NRJ Nordic Spa while relaxing!


    According to ancestral Buddhist, Greco-Roman and Indian cultures, the world is made up of five elements - earth, fire, water, air and ether - each of which has unique and unique qualities. These five elements are necessary for the good functioning of the outside world but are also present in our own body and our inner world. QuintEssence is a poetic encounter with these elements and their qualities.

    In the form of an entertaining multimedia meditation through a journey in spas and saunas, visitors are invited to reconnect with themselves by becoming aware of the role played by these different elements. The element Earth brings the structure, the Fire the transformation, the Water the fluidity and the Air the movement. But what is this mysterious fifth element? The "Quinta essentia", the ether, is an essential but elusive element that would have always existed. According to cultures and times, it is a carrier of light, magnetic energy, gravitational force. He would have the property to connect us to the celestial dimension...

    With the QuintEssence experience, NRJ Nordic Spa offers you an invigorating and purifying journey to meet the five elements and their mysteries.

    625 Rue du Lac Sartigan, Saint-Alfred, Qc, G0M 1L0
    (418) 774-4440 or



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